Arlisa Hurd

Arlisa Hurd is in her fourth quarter of studies as a PhD student, in the field of psychology concentration in clinical at Walden University. She is a mother of three beautiful children, and a mourning mother of a child she lost in 2011. She is a self-starter, energetic, independent, and enjoy taking on new projects and developing fresh ideas. She works at a female only substance abuse treatment center. She works as a Chemical Dependency Tech and collaborates with PRN techs, Lab techs, and other CD techs in the progress or lack of progress concerning adult women in the unit.

She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree at Paul Quinn College, and a Master of Science Degree at University of Phoenix. Although she began her college career as a Physical Education major, her courses in physical educationsparked her interest in people's abilities to compare the physical abilities of the body and that led to her interest in the study of the mind. She switched her major to psychology. Her ultimate goal is to successfully earn a PhD, and open a clinic for battered women. Psychology contributes to many aspects in life, being a part of such and outstanding organization (trisomy18) adds life in making this goal successful.