Our Supporters

  • Buffalo Wild Wings - Sponsor
  • The Home Depot - Sponsor
  • Ladies in Florida- Ms. Janet- CareWear – Crochet/Knitters
  • Khenemet Matthews - Seamstress
  • Edi Cregor - Crochets
  • The Knitting Nuts - Crochets, Knitters, Seamstress
  • Sharon “Nana”- Crochets
  • Toni Boehm - Crochets
  • Teeny Tears - Seamstresses
  • Small Angel babies/Small town Support - Seamstresses and Crocheters
  • Shelia Wald - Seamstress

Reaching Out

Supporting Others

The Arms of an Angel is now working with 3 local Neonatal ICU’s in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth areas. Items such as preemie onesies, crochet/knitted hats, blankets, angel gowns, and booties are being donated to these facilities. The preemie onesies are well-suited to handle the tubes and IV’s connected to the babies who are too sick to go home. They will have a chance to be dressed beautifully even though they are in the hospital receiving the care to be able to go home with their families.

These are the beautiful keepsake boxes the we give to local NICUs here in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area!

 These are miscarriage keepsake boxes that are given to local OBGYN and Emergency Rooms for families who have had a miscarriage between the gestational age of 0-12 weeks. They include a small hat and diaper (not to be worn), a tiny teddy bear, forget me not seeds to be planted in honor of there baby, a small journal, and a small bracelet. All of these items are to be kept I memory of there beloved angel.

If you know anyone, or groups, that crochets, knits, or sew, and you thing they might be willing to partner with us on this project, please have them to contact us.