Making the Best Decision


Making the best decision after being diagnosed with Trisomy 18

I know you may have 1,000 questions going on in your head. 10,000 things you and your family are trying to understand.  And 1 very important decision you have to make.


"What are my next steps?"

Your child being diagnosed with Trisomy 18 is a life changing situation. I remember to this day hearing those words over the phone from my doctor. And, yes there were so many things running through my head; not just after I hung the phone up, but through the whole pregnancy and even after giving birth.

Making a decision will be hard for some and for some the decision may come easy. The key to making the best decision about your child is finding out all you can about Trisomy 18. There is never too much that you can know about the disorder your child has been diagnosed with.


After being diagnosed you should consult with your doctor and see what steps are next. This is a process you will have to go through to make sure that your child really does have Trisomy 18.

Speaking with a genetic counselor(click here for more info) will be one of the steps that you will have to take.  During your genetic counseling, a counselor will give you information that provides you and your family with information about this genetic disorder. They will educate and give you pertinent information about Trisomy 18; statistics, the risks, the causes, information about the different test that are available for you to have to be certain that your child does have Edwards Syndrome. This genetic counseling can also aid you in making the right decision about your pregnancy.

Further evaluation will be needed to determine if your child has Trisomy 18: You can find these test under "diagnosing Trisomy 18" here on this website.


Each minute, each second, each hour, each day is a process to go through; a time to really give thought into what you want for you and your family. Whatever decision you decide to make is up to you and your love ones. No one can make the right decision about your child's life but you. Everyone's situation is different when going thorough this journey. Just know you are not alone and have plenty of people who are going through or has been through what you are experiencing is here to support you.


Some recommended steps to take after being diagnosed:

  • Find the support you need.
  • Get all the information you can about Trisomy 18.
  • Be patient and the right answers will come. Making rash decisions can sometimes cause extra pressure on you and your family.
  • Take your time to think and to make sound and right decisions. No matter what you decide, whether to go along with the pregnancy or to terminate, this choice is totally up to you and this is your decision.