Ideas for Delivering Your Angel



Prayer to me is sitting down quietly and thanking God for what He has done for my family and I, asking God to give me what I need to make it through whatever it is that I am going through. Prayer to me is also being still meditating and listening for answers from Him. There is no right or wrong way to pray.


Positive Family/Friend Support

Always surround yourself with positive people who love and care about your well being and your little Angel. A positive attitude can change every aspect of your life. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with people with a positive attitude can make your stress a little less than being around someone who always has adverse things to say. To minimize second guessing yourself and to maximize keeping your spirits high and hopeful about your decisions,  avoid negative people.     Positive...Positive...Positive!


Take plenty of pictures of your little Angel once (s)he is born. One day you will want those memories of your child. To this day it is still hard for me to look at them, but when I do I am grateful that I took them of Aryiana. You can have someone take different shots of just their feet, just their hands, their lovely faces, your hands with their hands, and family pictures. You can even bring something that is special to your family and lay him/her beside it, like your childhood bible, a special necklace, or whatever your heart desires to treasure those sweet memories. It’s a difficult time but it’s a part of your life. Treasure the moment!




Counseling was good for me before Aryiana came into my life, and after. It is not for everyone, but it did help me through this process to prepare for delivery and the mourning process after her passing away. The type of therapist I went to was a Baptist minister. I did not know that before meeting him for the first time. At first I had apprehension about seeing a therapist; only because I thought I could handle everything on my own. I am truly happy that I made the choice to do so. This process is a challenging thing to go through. For me to have someone who did not know me at all and did not judge me, someone just to listen to my whole story and then give me advice, someone who gave me the choice to decide how I wanted to deal with my mourning and how to handle my depression, someone who saw my depression getting worse and was not afraid to tell me; it was definitely an amazing experience and a great part of my healing process.

Have an outfit

If you know the gender of your angel, buy outfits or have them made especially for your baby.  A tiny Angel may not be able to fit into preemie clothing. You want him/her to look precious in your photos after giving birth and for the home going celebration/funeral. Every birth, and the way your child looks will be different than others. For Aryiana's home going celebration it was closed casket; but I still had them dress her in the beautiful garment my mom had made her.



Molding/Casting Kit


Get a molding/casting hand and feet kit so that you can have molds made of his/her hands and/or feet. Some hospitals already have this so they can do it for you. I bought one but did not have to use it because the hospital provide the kit for me. I would say check with the nursery beforehand to see if they provide this service for you. They are readily available online.


Prepare for the service

Before Aryiana was born we had already gone to visit, and picked out the funeral home and cemetery she would be laid to rest in. Doing this gives you less stress during this period. This way once your Angel has been released to the arms of God, all you and your family will have to do is pick your dates and go pay for the service (if you haven’t already). The funeral home we picked actually did the graveside services for free for infants. All we had to pay for was the death certificate and the cemetery plot.


Portable Music Player

I purchased a portable CD player,, but didn't use it during Aryiana’s delivery. When I had my oldest daughter I used it and it was very calming for me. It helped me a great deal to stay focused and breathe the correct way. I did meditate the night before Aryiana's birth which really helped to keep me calm during my delivery. Again, this worked for me. It may not be for everyone. I will say it is worth a try. You can use anything from calming water music, to chirping bird music; the key is to find sounds that help keep you calm and cool. These days you can just have your cell phone and go to Pandora and type in meditation music and it will give you a variety of soft music. The only thing is you have some commercials in-between some songs on Pandora unless you have paid a fee with Pandora to not have the commercials.

Ask questions

Any concerns and questions you have about the delivery be sure to address your doctor so that you will have peace of mind knowing he/she knows your concerns and worries.


A heartbeat

The sound of your angel’s heart beat is a precious thing. It can warm your heart even through all the sadness. Take the time to record your angel's heartbeat so you can enjoy the sweet sound now and in the future. Teddy bears and recordable devices are made that record this wonderful sound for you. If you would like to purchase one of these lovely teddy bears and/or recording devices, just push the "store" tab here on the website and we and we can provide you with a variety of choices for this special moment in your life’s journey.





Final Thoughts

I will leave you with these concluding thoughts. There is not enough preparation in the world to adapt to the fact of losing someone you love, someone who has grown inside you, someone who you may have felt kicking inside you... your own beloved child. In addition, no matter what it is you go through during this process, just know that one day (no time limit) things will get better! Cry when you feel the need to cry, mourn when you feel the need to mourn, visit your angel as much as you need to for your comfort, and if you don't want to visit, that is OK too. Everybody mourns differently. Never let anyone tell you how to mourn. This is your time to mourn and cherish your memories with your child. There is no wrong way or right way to do so...simply your way!

"Tears are God's gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow." ~Rita Schiano~